What brands can learn from grandma


OnBrand is an important event for creatives and marketeers about the future of branding. Doornvogel was there as well. With speakers from large company’s like Spotify, THOMS, Vice, G-Star Raw, Booking.com and more, OnBrand is Europe’s largest conference on branding.

95. OnBrandThere was enough to choose from: the programme consisted of more than 30 talks. We joined 180 Kingsday, Alain Sylvian (Sylvain Labs), Ashley Vinson (Facebook), the talk “The Future 100: Trends and change to watch in 2020” and of course Spotify’s Zach Pentel’s talk. He showed us a commercial that is very recognizable (and fun): Let the Song Play.

Data & creativity

Spotify uses its users’ data, among other things, to set up creative campaigns. The data they have is very personal and they also use it for their advertising. In the USA, for example, they linked user data to an app that young girls use a lot, to encourage them – in a fun way – to exercise more. Now, that’s what we call creative data use!

“One campaign cannot achieve all goals. And increase awareness, stimulate new purchases, intensify loyalty, increase app downloads and website visits, and so on… “

What brands can learn from grandma
180 Kingsday’s talk, that used grandma as a metaphor, lingered for a while:
1. Grandma does things her own way
2. Grandma knows what she believes in and what she stands for
3. Grandma shares special rituals with you
4. Grandma knows what to do, from her own expertise (grandma’s meatballs are the tastiest)
5. Grandma loves you unconditionally

As the most important trend, sustainability is still on top. Many brands are doing “something” with it. People nowadays expect this from brands, but are incredibly picky when it comes to authenticity. If you want to do something with sustainability, or encourage diversity, then the purpose of your brand and your product must be compatible to do this. An example we heard: how much sense does a boat on the New York Pride parade make, if an LGBTQ couple can’t get a mortgage with the same bank?

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