Find your Easter eggs at home with T-Mobile


A human perspective and relevancy are more important for brands now, than ever. For example, T-Mobile is currently donating Prepaid SIM cards to people working in education and healthcare. The campaign “Celebrate Easter at home,” which we realized together with T-Mobile, is also a good example.

T-Mobile wants to let its customers know that they value their loyalty and trust. This lead to the idea of ​​thanking customers by offering them nice surprises. Through kinetic eDMs, social media and the website, customers are invited to search for and ‘open’ their Easter eggs. The surprises range from the best e-books for your smartphone to a digitally designed photo book. Thus, the gifts and the search are a fun activity for at home.
The first reactions are mostly positive, for example: “Fun and creative way to entertain customers in this strange situation.” We fully support this. A campaign that puts a smile on your face!

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