Vattenfall Exclusief

Vattenfall’s loyalty programme Exclusief is our fastest growing programme. In less than a year it grew up to 300.000 members. With the use of Doornvogel's own Loyalty Tools we manage the points system,

there is an extensive shop with statuses and there are several payment options. The offers (if possible sustainable) reflect the Vattenfall mission and respond to the customer’s personal wishes. And that feels good!

Case: Engagement score

The engagement score indicates how active Exclusive members are in the programme. Based on engagement points per activity – like placing an order, participating in a competition or creating a wish list - the score is built up from Inactive to Super User.

This score is then used to segment and personalize campaigns. This way we ensure members always receive the most relevant and personal message. We approach less active members with targeted call-to-actions and Super Users become ambassadors. This is how engagement increases.

Expertise used

• Concept
• Database analysis
• Copywriting
• Design
• Community management
• Programme management
• Servicedesk
• A/B-testing
• Reporting & analysis
• Evaluation & recommendation

Tools used

• Loyalty Tools
• Dialogue Center
• Real time dashboarding

Welcome e-mail
Contact moments based on engagement score