Moving together towards fossil-free living within one generation

Vattenfall was facing a major issue with their transition from Nuon. How do Nuon customers get a positive attitude towards Vattenfall, without losing the emotional connection with the Nuon brand? And how can we really let customers experience what fossil-free

living means, and not come across as moralistic and too serious? By celebrating the transition together with customers and by introducing them in a fun, active way to Vattenfall's challenging mission: enabling fossil-free living within one generation.

Case: Five days of Vattenfall (Vattenfall Vijfdaagse)

We developed an engagement strategy with positive contact moments and sustainable gifts and surprises. This created extra time between brand and customer and allowed Vattenfall's story to be told in a positive context. The "Five Days of Vattenfall" became a campaign that started with an announcement DM + mini magazine and continued online with dynamic eDMs and a storytelling and storydoing web page.

The campaign took off mid-October and customers could sign up for a month to start their own Five Days campaign. By having them start their own e-mail flow, a pull mechanism was activated, which had a structurally positive effect on the interaction results. In addition, gamification (by unlocking content and playing an online quiz) and dynamic content (video, animated gifs and personalization) were applied.

Expertise used

• Strategy and concept
• Data analysis
• Programme management and fulfilment
• Dealmaking
• Design and print support mini magazine
• Design campaign website and e-mails
• Copywriting
• Technical implementation
• Technical project management
• Marketing automation
• A/B testing
• Reporting & analysis
• Evaluation & recommendation

Tools used

• Dialogue Center
• Digital Content Company
• Microsoft Power BI

The mini magazine
“Five days of Vattenfall” gifts