OVMiles, RET's extra

The RET does not only want to be a logistical connector, but also a social one. OVMiles, which was made together with Doornvogel, optimally fulfills this. Doornvogel realized the technical platform, provides programme management, data analysis, online communication

and recruitment campaigns. Because we oversee the entire programme, we are also able to set up an extensive recruitment campaign, based on the strength of the programme: content and dozens of OVMiles partners. Below you can see one of the many cases we realized for OVMiles.

Case: recruitment campaign ‘Experience OVMiles’

In this recruitment campaign, emotion, feeling and experience literally come closer. Just by travelling. On the way to school or work, watch someone dive into the goal. Or dream away in the bus and see a ballerina pass by. A polar bear peeking into the metro

and a busy chef in a hot kitchen... Photography is the best tool to experience these stories. The photo shoots were in a tram depot, a subway depot and the RET bus garage. And the models are RET employees. As Rotterdam as it gets!

Expertise used

• Strategy
• Concept
• Copywriting
• Design
• Fulfilment
• Reporting & analysis
• Evaluation & recommendation

Tools used

• Loyalty Tools
• Dialogue Center

OVMiles on Instagram
Promotional stand at subway stations