OVMiles, RET’s extra

Not only do we create loyalty programmes, we also make sure targets are reached. By using smart activation campaigns and personal community management, for example.

On a weekly base, we provide the social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) planning for OVMiles, the RET savings programme. Below you can see one of many cases we realised for OVMiles.

Case: OVMiles Community Management

For OVMiles we designed a social media strategy, which is constantly updated using new statistics and practical experience – just to stay relevant and surprising. Using this strategy we have fulfilled the OVMiles community management from the very beginning.

The OVMiles community is now very active on social media, with its own enthusiastic ambassadors. Besides promoting OVMiles we also optimise fulfilment of the RET’s mission: not only to connect people logistically, but also socially.

Expertise used

• Community management
• Strategy
• Copywriting
• Design
• Fulfilment
• Reporting & analysis
• Evaluation & recommendation

Tools used

• Loyalty Tools
• Dialogue Center
• Tracebuzz

OVMiles on Twitter
OVMiles on Facebook