Club Staatsloterij

Together with Nederlandse Loterij (Dutch Lottery) Doornvogel developed a loyalty programme for their players. At Club Staatsloterij, players can win additional prizes with the lottery tickets they bought. From dinner in the world’s best restaurant to the latest gadgets.

The programme now has hundreds of thousands of members and uses several gamification elements. There are also extensive options for personalization and segmentation with our own Loyalty Tools platform. In addition, it is possible to enrich customer data on a personal level.

Case: Direct chance special (Direct kanspakker)

A group of Club Staatsloterij members has never been reached or is no longer active. Doornvogel was asked the next question: how can we (re)activate these players? With the campaign ‘Direct chance special’ (Direct kanspakker) we used the existing Direct chance game mechanism, but added urgency, topicality and game experience. In the actual e-mails! Just like with a regular

Direct chance prize, players could win a special prize with their points. But in this case the prize is linked to a current event such as King’s Day, the World Cup or the winter season. And what also makes this special: a Direct chance special is only visible for 24 hours. Results? More than 330.000 participants, a high conversion and a significant growth in active players.

Expertise used

• Strategy
• Concept
• Database analysis
• Copywriting
• Design
• Programme management
• Web design + countdown mechanism
• Real time reporting & analysis

Tools used

• Loyalty Tools
• Dialogue Center

Online lottery ticket scanning for points
First BBQ weekend of the year