Menzis’ personal approach

We distinguish ourselves from other agencies by combining customer insights and creativity. A good example is the e-mail contact strategy we developed for health care insurer Menzis.

We use real-time dashboards, A/B testing, segmentation and lifecycles - together with creative concepts. An example of such a case is the ‘Satisfaction Checker’ we realized for Menzis.

Case: Menzis' Satisfaction Checker

By analyzing e-mail campaigns, we have learned that first-year and multiple-year members require a different approach. First-year members receive step-by-step information after their first insurance policy. Starting with an e-mail about ‘My Menzis’, followed by information about healthcare platform SamenGezond and the easy to use special ‘How to: health care and claiming’. We also set up a campaign to ask first-year members how satisfied they are at Menzis. Halfway through their first year, members

receive the Satisfaction checker e-mail. The e-mail allows recipients to let Menzis know in one click how satisfied they are with their health care insurance and then indicate what topics they consider important. This gives a lot of insight into the members’ satisfaction, but also opens the dialogue with dissatisfied members. For example, they can indicate to get called back by Menzis’ customer service on the landing page. Making it more fun and more social for everybody - including Menzis’ members!

Expertise used

• Concept
• Database analysis
• Copywriting
• Design
• Web design
• A/B testing
• Reporting & analysis
• Evaluation & recommendation

Tools used

• Dialogue Center
• Real-time dashboard

Indicate satisfaction in one click
Segmented follow-up