Menzis’ personal approach

We distinguish ourselves by combining customer insights with creativity. For example with the email contact strategy we developed for Menzis.

Using real-time dashboards, A/B testing, segmentation, lifecycles and data enrichment on a personal level – all combined within the creative concepts. Below you can see one of many cases we realised for Menzis.

Case: Menzis’ ‘Fitness Fanatics’

Menzis’ loyalty programme ‘SamenGezond’ is based on 4 pillars: Exercise, Nutrition, Mental health and Caretaking. To offer relevant content to SamenGezond-members within these lifestyle profiles, Doornvogel created segments based on past behaviour, with an above-average interest in one of these 4 pillars. Through cluster-analysis we identified a winner: the ‘Fitness Fanatics’.

By analysing past behaviour (opens and clicks in emails and landing pages, shop purchases and results of interactive data enrichment) a group of insured members was singled out with a strong preference for sports- and exercise related content.

Since then, these ‘Fitness Fanatics’ have been served on a personal level. For example by receiving an email about linking the Runkeeper app to SamenGezond and by being able to pre-register for the Menzis’ sponsored 4 Mile Run.

Expertise used

• Concept
• Database Analysis
• Copywriting
• Design
• Web design
• A/B-testing
• Reporting & analysis
• Evaluation & recommendation

Tools used

• Dialogue Center
• Real-time Dashboard

smartphone display
tablet display