the ultimate
digital customer relationship

With the ultimate digital customer relationship, we make companies more human; with one-on-one communication and relevant extras for the customer. This makes brands loyal to their customers. And vice versa ;)

We make the lives of hundreds of thousands of customers more fun, more social and easier. And in many cases we also reinforce the purpose of a brand. This way we continue to make the world a bit more sustainable, healthy and happy.

Customer insight, creativity and technology

We work with a combination of customer insight and creativity. In addition, we use advanced tools and extensive expertise in E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing and Loyalty Marketing.

Measurable result

We work for great brands in telecom, banking and insurance, power companies, public transport, lotteries, media and entertainment. From commodities to SME and always with measurable results: extending lifetime, cross- and upsell opportunities and creating ambassadors.

  • Strategy, concept and identity loyalty program ViaAVIA

  • Email contact strategy and inspiration sessions
  • E-mail contact strategy, realization of e-mail campaigns and strategy and concept platform SamenGezond
  • Savings program NN Credit card and incentive campaign for holiday pay
  • Savings program NN Credit card and incentive campaign for holiday pay
  • Realization and program management loyalty program Always something extra and recruitment campaigns
  • Strategy, concept, realization and program management loyalty program Club Staatsloterij
  • Thematic customer engagement campaigns
  • Strategy, concept, realization and program management Advantage of Samen
  • Strategy, concept, realization and program management savings program Exclusive and customer engagement campaigns

what we do

From the ultimate lifecycle to segmented campaigns we monitor with real-time dashboards. From subject line testing to A/B testing. From dynamic content to data enrichment on a personal level. This enables us to improve next campaigns and make communication with customers more relevant and personal.

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From innovative savings programmes with social rewards to unique loyalty deals. From location-based applications to appealing extras through an app. And from 1.000 to 1.000.000 participants. The base is always digital, with a pinch of print when needed.

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From special landing pages to storytelling and from themed websites to interactive videos. And we’re also very social: from personalized social media channels to solid social media strategies.

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how we do it

In realizing the ultimate digital customer relationship, we focus on emotional loyalty rather than on rational aspects. This is reflected in personal attention and relevant extras for customers; the right message at the right time and enough “wow” moments to surpass customer expectations.

Satisfaction is simply not enough to increase customer value, you also need engagement and customer loyalty.

Customer insights and creativity

These insights form a solid foundation for creative concept development and the fulfillment of unique loyalty programmes, personalized e-mail campaigns, and special content productions. In addition, we use advanced tools and four specialized teams working closely together: customer insights and creativity!

Enriching customer data

To realize this personal and distinctive approach, we always enrich customer data on a personal level. Whenever possible, we complement the profile information this provides with potential drivers (including status, meaning and influence), trends & developments and results from previous campaigns.

  • AB testing

  • Cross & Upsell

  • Innovatie

  • Lifecycles

  • Klantwaarde

  • Engagement score


Account & Strategy

Everaldo van Doorn
Managing Director

Manon van de Pas
Office Manager

Yvonne Corstjens
Finance Manager

Iris Richter
Project Manager

Christiaan Meijer
Account Manager

Caroline Hooft Graafland
Consultant Strategy

Daan Aeijelts Averink
Associate Partner

Loyalty Experience

Valérie van Laar
Customer Experience Manager

Elisabeth Tettelaar
Loyalty Experience Manager

Manon van de Pas
Loyalty Experience Manager

Natalie Stoimenova
Jr. Loyalty Experience Manager

Concept & Creation

Léon Martens

Runet Hogendorf
Copywriter & Content Specialist

Digital Development

Christiaan Meijer
Digital Loyalty Consultant

Jen Lam
Web Manager

Niels Crama
Campaign Manager

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